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Are You God-Fearing, Beautiful, Humble, And…. Single? If So, Read This

This single man is looking for global love


Suliaman Faworaja is a 35-year-old hard working bachelor seeking a 28 to 38-year-old woman who is God-fearing, beautiful, humble, mild-mannered, and respectful. And although he’s located in Nigeria, travel is not a problem for him. He works full time at Areo + Land Group, LLC, a specialist in the export of parts and supplies worldwide that’s headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

When asked what he brings to a relationship, Suliaman kept it simple: “Joy and happiness.” We didn’t get into specifics because… We’ll allow you to figure that out on your own. 😉 After working tirelessly for Aero + Land Group, LLC, Suliaman said he wants to be in a relationship because he wants a “very good woman.” When asked what annoys him in a relationship, Suliaman, once again, kept it very simple: No drama, or in his words, “I just want to be happy.”

Finally, when asked what makes him happy in a relationship, Suliaman said he’s happy when he’s given a “happy love.” Again, we didn’t get into specifics because we want YOU to do that. If you’re interested in getting to know Suliaman, he can be reached via email at But don’t wait too long to drop him a note because he’s busy looking for his good woman. You can view Suliaman’s photo below, and don’t worry about the ring on his ring finger… He’s definitely a bachelor!

Suliaman Faworaja

Suliaman Faworaja

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