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A Period Don’t Stop Nothing But a Sentence: Why Menstrual Sex is Great

I was perusing the internet — looking for the latest gossip — when I came across a very taboo, yet stimulating article on XE Necole, titled “Period Sex: Why Some Men Don’t Have An Issue With It.”

I was immediately compelled to read this article because the man I am currently dating has this huge fear of periods. We were talking about awkward sex stories, and he told me that he’d once slept with a young lady who was on her cycle and failed to inform him. He found out the hard way after looking down at his shirt, which was white, that had shades of ruby red on the bottom.

Stunned, he looked at the young lady, and all she could utter was “My bad,” with a gin.

I can attest to his experience being traumatizing and that she was the rotten apple that made it bad for the whole bunch; but although his story sucked, I still wanted to convince him that period sex was not bad at all and can sometimes be better than regular sex.

I know some of you are probably calling me a nasty heffa, or you think I am just some kind of nasty freak, but hear me out.

After reading the article, I wanted to revisit the conversation with my current beau in order to ease his fear of period sex.

The irony is that I was on my cycle when I read this article, so I felt it was fate. Before having the conversation, I had to prepare my argument. I wanted to have at least three key points to argue in order to counter any objection he had.

Here’s what I came up with:

Point 1 – It’s feminine nature: As stated in the article, a cycle is feminine nature that creates life. Why should it be looked at as bad just because we bleed? This thing happens every single month for 5-6 days. Are you willing to deprive yourself of sex every single month for 5-6 days? You could go cheat and risk losing your life after I strangle you, or you can just look at a period as the natural, life-creating pattern that it is.

Point 2 – We are the freakiest: Have you ever noticed that women want sex the most while on their period? This is because our hormones are raging, and we want it bad and would probably do anything you ask of us to get it. Every touch, kiss, and grind is heightened during our cycle. It’s like some freak demon has taken over our bodies and the slightest touch turns us on. The sex is extremely intense as well because we want to participate since we are already so sexual during this time. If you want to see the freaky side, you may want to try some period sex.

Point 3 – It feels like the ocean: This will freak you out, but I am going to be 100% transparent. Period sex is the wettest sex because you have two fluids working to your advantage. Many men say they can’t feel anything during sex with a condom on, but they would be lying if they say this after menstrual sex. It is wetter than Aquafina, so you might want to dive in it. Yes, pun intended.

With these three points, I was ready to make my case. Well, I didn’t get to state these points because I was able to seduce him without words. After a few moments of passionate kissing and uninterrupted groping, he was ready. We laid a towel down and got to work. It was one of our best sex sessions. This experience really proved my three points. Period sex is great sex, and don’t let society deprive you of a good thing.


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