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New Study May Make Steve Harvey’s Wife Uncomfortable

Study conducted by Emory finds that smaller engagement rings equal a longer marriage Marjorie Harvey has a 25 carat ring

Comedia Steve Harvey wife’s 25-carat wedding ring

Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

Two years ago, comedian Steve Harvey purchased his wife Marjorie a 25-carat canary yellow diamond ring. The gigantic rock sits atop her ring finger like a hot air balloon mounted on top of a basket. While all seems to be well with the Harvey’s right now, a new study paints a dismal future for the couple.

Researchers from Emory University conducted a study that finds the more money spent on wedding rings and weddings, the less likely the marriage will last.

The study, which compared 3,000 couples’ wedding and engagement expenses to the relative length of their marriages, found that grooms who spent more than $2,000 on the engagement ring represented a sharp increase in divorce rates, while grooms who spent less than $2,000 on “the rock” had a decreased risk of divorce. 

The same “less is more” ideology applies to the cost of the wedding as well. Couples who spent over $20,000 on the ceremony and reception were up to 3.5 times more likely to divorce. If you’re wondering the correlation between “big spending” and longevity, it’s rather simple — financial stress. According to the study, stress related to financial matters and debt is one possible explanation.

Sadly, just as there were people preying on your vulnerabilities as an anxious bride and groom; there are also people preying on your vulnerabilities as a flustered divorcee. In an interview on Bloomberg TV about a new documentary that he narrated titled “Divorce Corp,” Dr. Drew Pinsky makes shocking revelations about the industry of divorce: “Fifty billion dollars a year wasted on divorce. The average uncontested divorce is somewhere around $20,000… The extraordinary thing is that if there is a lot of money, a lot of equity to begin with, it’s extraordinary how the expense of divorce goes up dramatically. And guess who gets all the fees. Guess who sucks up that equity and who then attaches themselves to the alimony as well.”

Dr. Pinsky claims the film was created following his colleague’s own experience with divorce that left him feeling uneasy with the process. “…We’re hoping to raise a conversation about is that there is an industry behind divorce,” Dr. Pinsky explained. “When you go to get a divorce, you have to go to the court. And you’re not going to a court of justice. You’re going to a court of equity, where your usual Constitutional privileges do not necessarily apply. The judge himself is the executioner, the jury, and he or she can make decisions.” Dr. Pinsky continued: “We tell stories in this documentary where people are put in prison for five years for criticizing a judge on their blog during a divorce. The situation is egregious.”

Comedian Steve Harvey’s wife dons a 25-carat ring on her wedding finger, but will the couple one day regret spending such an exorbitant amount of money on a piece of jewelry that is supposed to represent that should have no price tag (love)?

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